The “Medical Student” days…

It was a beautiful November morning, Sarah and I walked out after the class – talking about everyday events, complaining about how pathetic our college is, cracking random jokes (which are actually lame at times) and then sharing stories related to the particular joke we just cracked. That’s just how we both are, we just TALK. We recently kind of setup a record for talking almost straight 7 hours. I mean seriously! We should be PAID for it!

We walked into the cafeteria and seated our self on one of the first tables. I offered Sarah a can of bison; we wanted to celebrate our sadness. Well sounds crazy but when you have nothing better to do in life, TRUST me this is absolute fun!

Oh no! We are not upset because of any “vital” reasons. Let’s just say we’re humans. We just nag about EVERY SINGLE thing that exists in our life. So today our “sadness” was due to the REALIZATION of a fact that we were “MEDICAL STUDENTS”.

So what’s wrong with that? 

According to us; E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!!

As I said before, we can’t help it; we’re humans we just COMPLAIN!

But on a serious note if you look at it OUR way, we really do lead a sad lifestyle.
We spend our days and nights studying.
We’ve lost our social life.
We’ve lost our good night sleep.
In fact our social skills are rusted; there are times in gatherings when we “actually” have to THINK what to talk about because we spend our days with our friends for life, who are unfortunately invisible to human eye. Yes I’m talking about Shigella and Salmonella, well I usually hang out with H.influenza too and a bunch of his friends come to see me around at times. I think I have a good relation with E.colli and his family but they have issues when I spend some time with these people from the cephalosporin family. OK I know what you’re thinking, well that’s just what I said – our social skills are rusting away.

Later, while complaining about how annoying we might be to our old friends now, a moment of reality hit us! We realized that this time, is probably WAY better than what’s waiting ahead of us.
So we came up with these “Scenarios” of the present affecting the future, because as they say,
“Forget your past, live your present to make a better future”

So yeah! Here you go,

Scene one (The Panadol Doctor):

Sitting at my desk, my head seemed to get bombarded by thoughts for a moment. My heart filled with regression and guilt. And all my inner voice said, “ONLY if I’d worked a little more and partied a little less”
Just then a weirdly smelling patient walked into my small cabin and started complaining how he spent sleepless nights with headaches, temperature and stiffness. I looked up at him and requested the nurse to check his blood pressure, note down his temperature readings and his weight. Then I looked down on my desk, scribbling down on the prescription the SAME letters I did every 10 minutes. I handed over the prescription to the patient and asked him to follow-up with me next week. I just wrote down a couple of everyday analgesic for him, or let’s say, I do that for everyone. Why? – Because I’m too annoyed to try thinking harder. Being a wife, a mother and a doctor at such a place wasn’t easy anyway; I had all my right to get angry at the world.
I walked back home, and like every day I found my kids pulling each other’s hair, the house messed up and stinky. Just as I sat down on the couch with my noisy little brats jumping around me, complaining about each other, my husband walked in asking for food. It just got me! (Like everyday) I didn’t say a word but marched into the kitchen, banging thing around the cabinets and complaining how stupid my husband is! How he doesn’t care about me but about the food! And how he gave me these crappy  manner less kids who are JUST like him! During dinner as usual the kids started a fight, which later turned into a food fight. I got up and started beating the hell out of them due to frustration and my dear husband, just got up and went to bed like he didn’t care! I made the kids sleep and then walked into my room, where my beloved husband was already fast asleep and snoring as loud as a useless old air conditioner!
After several years of a crappy life, I was finally happy it was coming to an end. I wasn’t that old but I had nothing good in store so I’d rather quit. But just then the happiness in my stupid, idiotic, useless husband’s eyes was a lot more than I had expected. But of course he had a right to hate me, as I hated him a lot more than he thought, for giving me such horrible kids and a worse life to deal with!

“Whoa! That’s sad! It’s just too depressing…” Sarah said. “Well that is just how it’s going to be if we do not work hard now and then get married right after our course completes.” I explained. “Ah well, you’re right I guess…” Sarah agreed.

So what happens if we work our ass off?

Scene Two (The pro):

So I studied like an idiot. Killed my social life, back stabbed my good night sleep, falling in love with the dark circles just to pass the great exam – THE USMLE! And wow! See what I have here, a score report of 99. Isn’t that a dream come true? Of course, every doctor in the hospital envy’s me. I have just the perfect life ever. A strong career, got into the residency I desired, an understanding husband, well mannered and obedient kids – ah wait, the last 2 were just exaggerations. Let’s face the fact, I never cared about the guy who lives at my home with two teens and calls himself my husband. It’s actually not like I don’t want to care, it’s just that I don’t have TIME to care.
Running down the hospital hallway my mobile rang, while I gave instructions to the nurse on how we were going to carry out the surgery on the patient, I took the call.

“Hey mom!”
*mom?* I wondered. Oh it’s call from home! “Hey there, how are you dear? How was your school today?” I replied.
“Mom it was a holiday!” the kid retorted back.
“Oh! My bad! So what’s it that made you call me?” I asked.
“Mom! It’s my birthday today! You said you’d be home!” the kid complained.
“Oh it’s your birthday! Of course I remembered dear! It’s not like I forgot, I was just a bit busy at the moment. Can I call you back later?”
“Uh huh  … Mo-“
“Oh by the way, who is it talking? The first one or the second one?”
And the line went dead. So I think I messed up something? Ah well! I don’t have time; I have a surgery in the next one hour.

Today after 2 days of work, I went back home. I reached at around 12 am, and just then my husband was walking out of the house.

“Hey! You’re home!” he said *I was too tired to figure out his tone*
“Yeah, where are you going?”
“Eh, I have a meeting…” he explained
“Meeting? Now? Oh, all the best honey”
That was actually the last thing I would care about right now; I HAD to get some sleep!

A few days later, while I was going through some test reports in my office, I got a call from my husband saying he wants to see me at the court. He wants separation because I didn’t give him enough time.
“Ah, actually please send the divorce papers to my office as I have a few appointments today and I won’t be able to make it.”
“I’m leaving, do you realize that?”
“Oh yea totally! Hey! I got to go see a patient now; it was definitely nice knowing you! I’d always remember our honeymoon and the emergency meeting call I got 2 days later when we reached Switzerland! It changed my life, you were definitely lucky for me. Nice knowing you”
“Uh!” and the line went dead, I definitely knew I messed up again, but who cares, I was busy!

And then when my career dumped me. All I was left was loneliness.  All those people, for whom I was never there, weren’t there for me either. They lived their lives like I lived mine that is probably all they learned from me.

“Hey! That’s worse!!” said Sarah.
“Isn’t there anything not too bad?”
“Ummm yea there is!” I replied

Scene three (The reference doctor):

So walking out of my clinic, I had no thoughts in my head. My head was probably the most peaceful place. I’ve had the most perfect life, like the PERFECT – PERFECT. Everyday I’d walk home from clinic and see my children doing their assignments and preparations for tests. My house was beautiful and classy, my husband loved me for maintaining such a disciplined household, so what else does a woman want? Well, there is DEFINITELY something missing. How can someone be so happy? Right?


I walked in my room after we finished our dinner and I was done with the dishes. The kids were already asleep.
“You know there is so much work these days. I have to study the new laws regarding trading. It’s so upsetting and my work is really not easy. The education just goes on and on for life. It’s all so stressful, not like you, you’re so damn lucky. You just have to go sit in an air conditioned clinic, prescribe a few medicines to these people and then come home and have a peaceful life.” My husband nagged about his work.
“So how was your day? Got any actually sick people today?” he continued
“Yeah, got to see an old lady, who suffered from angina” I replied “so I referred her to a good cardiologist.”
“Hmm interesting…” he said, half asleep.
I guess we all know what was missing.
Yes, no one actually cared. I spent my life trying to please everyone and the only thing I did for myself ever in life was incomplete. My career was limited to random visiting patients and referring them to other “good” doctors. I don’t think any one of us studies so much to do JUST that. Do we?

“Ah! But that’s just too boring!” Sarah said.
“I know, it’s sad, the only way we could keep it all together is if we get to marry a HOUSE HUSBAND” I said.
“HOUSE HUSBAND? That would be hilarious!” Sarah said laughing “but seriously, why don’t we have house husbands when we have housewives?”
“And what if we have one? Come on! Just IMAGINE!”

Scene four (The happy doctor?):

I walked back home after 3 days of my continuous shifts at the hospital. Just as I opened the door my husband who was making dinner and watching some stupid family series said “hey! You’re home! I missed you so much honey!”
“I missed you too” I said giving a smile.
“So how were your days at the hospital?” he asked, while serving me a huge glass of chilled lemonade.
“Too busy.” I said, “I’m really hungry, when do I get the dinner?”
“Owh! Just after your shower” he replied, smiling.
So after my shower, the dinner was on the table just as he said. I liked him. He cared so much for me. I sat down there, really wanting to chit chat with him after days. But just as I took the first bite,
“YUCK! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!?” I screamed, spitting out the food.
“I thought I’d try something new today” he explained.
“This is disgusting! I don’t come home after days to eat horrible food like this!” I shouted at him “we get better food at the hospital! You know what! I won’t give you money now on, if you are going to waste it like this. Do you even know how hard I work to earn it?”

“HEY! OMG! This is freaking hilarious” said Sarah laughing hard.

“Yeah! I never knew I could come up with such a thing!” I said laughing “so let’s see what happens next” I continued laughing hard.

I marched into my room and went to bed. I really didn’t care what he did after that. I left for hospital early morning while he was asleep. When I came back that night, I found a letter saying he was really sorry and thinks he’s a huge responsibility for me so he’s leaving.
Ah well, he’ll be missed, I thought. But I really needed to get some sleep so I just had a cup of milk and went to bed. Next morning I realized his importance when no one made me breakfast, so I called him and kind of apologized.

We spent years fighting, and now when my career dumped me, he is still there right by my side. I think I was lucky to have such an understanding husband.

“HOUSE HUSBAND!” we both said laughing over what we just came up with!

“So in any case, we aren’t going to be satisfied” said Sarah.
“Yea, so we learn that we should just be happy and live the moment and just not give a damn about the future!” I said.
“So TRUE! Even I think that’s the only thing we can do and yea this IS actually the best time so we should live it.” Sarah said.

Written by: Dr. AM


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  1. ahahahaha, I always thought the best scenario would be to have a stay-at-home husband! Anyway, I absolutely love your blog! I hope you keep writing and I look forward to your new posts!

    Thanks for the follow [:

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