My Happy Ever after

Let’s fly, high up,

Between the clouds, near the moon,

Around the stars,

Laughing and living every moment of love,

Let’s dream of a castle of love,

White marbled floor and luminous walls,

Radiating the purity of our love,

And the air filled with the soft essence of my happy ever after,

Lying under the night sky, jeweled with stars,

Admiring your delicate features,

A tear rolls down my cheek, falls on your beautiful eyes,

Sleeping in peace,

My heart filled with joy,

Of my perfect love story,

My happy ever after,

On a wooden floor, near the fire,

On a cold night, my head on your shoulder,

We talk all night,

Counting all the dreams that have come true,

And all that have yet to,

A life without pain, only tears of happiness,

My happy ever after,

You live my life, I live yours,

Do we still owe to us?

Except love and happiness,

Let’s live happy together, let’s die happy together,

You give me a moment of happiness in my last breath, and I give you one,

Read my eyes and see what no one can,

Hear my heart and know the unsaid,

Let’s run deep in those woods, smelling of wild flowers,

My hair flying back, you hold my hand,

The sunshine touches our skin, like we shine in the presence of you and me,

It’s a life after death,

My perfect love story,

You be for me, I be for you,

We be the world, we keep us together,

We make it our happy ever after.



© All Rights Reserved

Forest by “Andead”

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