Standing at my window, sipping on my deliciously bitter hot coffee, thoughts raced through my mind almost exactly at the speed of the cars running on the road in front of my apartment. It was my favourite past time. It was like meditation, only instead of avoiding thoughts completely; I’d let them in and then let them go away from me.
Sometimes, I would end up making pretty useless yet philosophical statements after the hour or so I’d spend there in complete solitude. Today, I couldn’t shake off one of the very common questions; what is the purpose of life?
I am absolutely aware that life can be what you make of it, but why go through so much, when you know at the end of the road death waits with open arms. No, I’m absolutely not even a bit suicidal or depressed, a little stressed, may be but definitely not sick of life. One thought, led to another.  Thinking about, where I started as a kid and then where I am today made me think about what other people might have learnt through their life time, or what they might not have.
Human mind is complicated and interesting. Somehow, where ever we are in life, we think we’ve seen it all and we know it all. When we probably don’t even know a quarter of what it actually is. This is probably because we humans like to believe we’re in control and when that does not happen, it feels like the end of the world. As for me, if at this point in life I probably believe I can do the best possible nail art right now; this is exactly what I believed 13 years ago when I probably learnt it for the very first time, but if I could see myself doing it for the very first time now, I would be annoyed at every possible mistake the 8 year old me would be making. Life decisions that we make at every point in life, can be related to this scenario. When making a decision today, you will believe, you know every possible aspect of the situation you need to know but later in life you might be able to point out what a silly decision it was. We try our level best to make things work. We try to change. We try to adapt. We try to learn. We try to teach. Yet, ironically trying has no value of its own until it yields success; referred to as “the natural selection”.
It’s fascinating how, everyone has their own story, their own paths, their own beliefs, some are better survivors, some lose the battle and choose death or end up mentally or physically disturbed and some just never give up and keep struggling. The evil is balancing out the good. There are people committing adultery and then there are people devoted to their gods or God. There are people struggling to speak up for their own sake and then there are people protesting and demanding rights. There are people trying to discover depths of the universe, people looking for God, people looking for love, people looking for peace, power, sanity, knowledge where as there are also people who have as little issues as looking for the right pair of shoes to wear for the day. Balance and curiosity keeps the world rolling.
If for a moment, you sit back to observe, the world is full of so much energy; so much that a human can probably never learn about and understand in a lifetime. So what do you want to contribute to the world? Because you can definitely not taking anything from it, as it will never be complete. Some things will always be unknown. Why? We will never know that either.

So, the right question is, what do you want to contribute? What color do you choose to add to the picture of world? Or do you choose not to be there? The decision is yours to make. The purpose is yours to choose. You can add your color to make the picture brighter or darker.

BY: Dr. AM

© All Rights Reserved



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