What Do I Do?

I picked up my pen, to spill out all I had,

Tears gushed out, but I was glad,

My heart raced as hard as it could,

Like I never imagined it ever would,

Closing my eyes, I could still feel the lingering pain,

I knew somewhere deep, you’d always remain,

Pushing away any memories that you left,

Trying hard to grab a breath,

I finally put my pen down,

Sorrow filled my soul to drown,

Falling to my knees, screaming and crying,

To forget that face, how hard I was trying,

Cursing myself with loathe and distaste,

For your fictious love, oh! What a waste,

They said, nothing too good can ever be true,

But not even a malicious thought I ever got from you,

You were here like you were never there,

So why is it empty, when you are nowhere,

It’s the cry of the broken heart,

Like a dying soul in the dark,

Far away from me with every moment you grew,

What do I do with my love now, that was true..

By : Dr. AM

© All Rights Reserved


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