How to achieve your new year’s resolutions!

Every year as the New Years Eve approaches, every one of us sits down to wonder what we need to work on! We make a long list of things we are terrible at (mostly) or long list of things we haven’t achieved in life yet and would like to do them. Even if it means attending a guitar class or just simply getting up earlier in the morning, we put it down on a paper or in our phones and as soon as the sun of January 1st shows up we forget about all the things we wanted to achieve.

So can anyone even ACHIEVE what they want ever?

Of course!


Well, by NOT writing it on a paper or in your phone.

But everyone says that you should write it down and all!

Well, then everyone needs to think again!

When you wear a watch for the very first time, you constantly feel it’s presence around your wrist but after a while, you just get used to it and many times you don’t even realize it’s there. Right?

EXACTLY, just like that when you write down your resolution and put it up on the wall, for some days you’re be constantly reminded by your brain that something is there on the wall which you need to look at but with time, your brain just accepts it as a part of your room and you don’t even notice it’s there anymore!

The key is to make it part of your LIFESTYLE!

Human brain is “THE SMARTEST” thing on planet it shouldn’t need so many NOTES and REMINDERS to work. The more you depend on reminders/photographs/notes etc the more you’re training your mind to not think at all. The brain needs to work, if it won’t it’ll lose its abilities and you’ll never see your limits.

So how do you bring this change in your lifestyle?

1. Be easy on yourself!

Don’t beat yourself up for every little mistake. You wanted to work out more this year but missed going to your gym today? Don’t think you can’t do it because you missed out a day!

TRY AGAIN tomorrow!

Remember, everyday is a new beginning and it’s never too late to start.

2. Don’t take up the responsibility of too many resolutions

Try not to over whelm yourself with way too many resolutions. It’s always  better to take up only as much you can handle. So working on ONE resolution is always a good idea. You can also give one month to one resolution, whatever makes you comfortable.

Just don’t start everything at the same time.

3. Give it time and be persistent!

Changing habits takes time. Even if it is trying to quit smoking or just not saying a certain word as much as you do so, you need to understand that you need to give it time. If you’re working on developing a new habit, give it at least 21 days (although quitting smoking might take a lot longer as nicotine is highly addictive!) as studies show it takes 21 days for human brain to get used to something as much to consider it a habit.

Remember: Patience is the KEY!

4. Celebrate and SHOW OFF!

Seriously! When you’ve achieved something, celebrate it and show it off. If you’ve been regular to the gym for a month, take a good selfie and put it up and scream it out to the world! People might talk but who cares, they that all the time don’t they?

Take Care!

Dr. AM


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