Valentine’s Day – From him to her

Valentine’s day is probably one of the most stressful days of the year but usually the stress pays off and you get to spend the day with the one you love. So let’s get started and handle the “stressful” part of the day..

Wondering how to spend the day or any gift Ideas?

How about..

1. Having a cozy ” MOVIE NIGHT!”? – Yea, I get it.. you don’t want to watch all those weird romantic movies (or may be you do, which is good) but come on, just do it today for her. Go over & surprise her! Take a couple of good romantic movies, may be some chocolates, popcorn & may be order a pizza later. She’ll love it, seriously!

2. Make dinner for her! – Don’t know how to cook? Google helps everyone! Any girl would love for her man to make something for her. And don’t you worry, whether it’s good or not.. most of us just appreciate the gesture. Unless your lady is a little particular about food, then I’d recommend practicing it a couple of times before you invite her over (just to be on the safe side!)

3. A dinner date with some luxury – for this one you need to plan ahead. And this is going to work great if you know she’s a luxury lover. Book a table, rent a limo/car (or not, just get your car washed and you’re good) , send her an early bouquet (this one does magic!) and don’t forget to be ON TIME!

4. A dinner date with not so much luxury – If your woman is the easy going kind and the only ideas you have are eating out, then how about you take her on a little adventure around the town! Take her out around the places where any of you wouldn’t normally eat. May be get a sandwich from the hot dog stand by the road? If that’s not possible, rooftop dinner always works!

5. Adventure date out! – This one’s a little similar to  the previous one except that this would require you to plan a whole day out! May be get a day off & plan a little drive or take her to the amusement park (we girls love it, no matter what age we are). Another idea would be to rent a little hut by the beach and just be together! (may be barbecue?)

Now let’s get to the gifts!

No matter how much a girl says, it’s okay that you didn’t get her anything.. it’s hardly ever okay (basically don’t always believe that). Generally we girls don’t like to be asked what do we want, so when you will do that chances are most of us will end up saying something like “honey, I have you.. i don’t need anything” but in reality we just want you to notice us and get us something yourself. On the other hand I also know of girls who actually make lists of things they want and hand it out before whatever occasion is coming up (like Rachel from “Friends”)

So what should you get for her?

Well, here are the standard gifts, which are going to work under any circumstances ..

1. Chocolates (the ones with pretty wraps)

2. Flowers ( generally red roses, unless you know her specific favorites OR that she hates roses..)

P.s. make sure they’re nicely wrapped with pretty bows and ribbons.. 

Tip: If you do decide on the standard combination, add a special touch by printing out a picture of you together and getting it framed in a gorgeous photo frame along with chocolates & flowers - she'll LOVE it!

Now, moving on to some specific ideas… 

1. A stylish pair of heelsof course if you know her size it would be a good idea! 

2. A mod clutchif you don’t know her shoe size, you can always go for this one. Try to stick to the basic colors here so she doesn’t have to worry about what dress to carry it with.. Black, Red, White can always work!

3. A sparkly pair of earrings  – Go to her facebook profile and browse her pictures NOW! or if you’re a good observer, just try to remember what kind of earrings does she wear? Dangly long ones or tiny shiny studs? What ever it may be, hurry go grab a beautiful pair and get it gift wrapped in a pretty paper or just get an elegant gift box.

Tip: The idea above works good with necklaces, bracelets or watches.. even anklets!

4. Sexy Lingerie  – Hit the closest outlet of Victoria’s secret and pick out your favorite! Put a pretty bow on it and you’re all set to go (if she really likes it you might even get lucky and if you don’t get lucky well then, she probably didn’t like it)

5. Fujifilm Instax miniOr really any polaroid, girls are drooling over it lately (that’s why I mentioned fujifilm because it has different colors and girls love that). This would work if she’s a little into photographs and all. You could start by taking a couple picture!

6. A customized something – Yes, something.. anything! she’ll love it. A pendent with a picture of both of you? A bracelet with her name? or your name? or even the word “love” or may be a cute quote? A mug that says something romantic like, “Morning Gorgeous!” Even a calender with a picture of both of you as a couple for every month would work. Get creative and show some dedication & love.

7. A personalized something here, I don’t mean something especially modified for her, I mean something that goes with her passion or her style!

  • If she’s a workaholic, you could may be consider giving her a gadget for time management. 
  • If she’s a gym freak, a cool gym accessory wouldn’t be a bad idea (or may be that pair of running shoes she wanted but couldn’t save up for it?)
  • If she’s a yoga freak, again you could consider giving her some scented candles or some sexy yoga pants (I know it sounds crazy, but if that really is her passion – she’ll definitely LOVE you for this!)
  • Similarly if she’s a fashion freak you could may be get her magazine subscription renewed or arrange to get a ticket to some fashion show.
  • On the other hand if she’s a luxury freak, how about arranging a day at the spa? She’ll absolutely LOVE all the pampering.. 

I hope that helped you, if you have any questions/comments feel free to post them down in the comment box!

Take Care!

Dr. AM


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