Valentines Day – From her to him

Most of us ladies are generally “miss know it all” so V days aren’t very exhausting of us unlike the gentlemen who struggle every bit of each day before 14th February.  So how about we put in a little extra attention for the guy who’s probably banging his head on the wall trying to figure out how to make this day special for you!

How about.. 

1. Not completely relying on him to make this day special and cooking him some thing? – Yes! be his private chef and cook him a full course dinner. May be add some personal touches to it. He’ll love it! They all love food…

2. Start with breakfast in bed and then stay in … order a pizza for lunch may be? and Chinese for dinner.. – Basically stay in! Spend the whole day at home, just you and him. Men love being comfortable in their own skin and love places where they can get comfortable with you too. You could also rent his favorite movie/series and have some fun TV time together (a movie marathon maybe?)

3. Adventure Date out! – Although statistics show men prefer staying in and fooling around in bed this day but if he really is the fun loving and adventurous kind, he’ll enjoy a day out with you. May be go bunjee jumping? Sky diving? Jet skiing? Rafting? Anything really.. you could even plan it out with him to see what he prefers.

4. Cook dinner together – Making a pizza together would be a great idea! Basically let him in you kitchen and let him mess up a little.. it’s just for a day, you can clean it up tomorrow!

So does that mean you can leave out on giving a gift? Just spend some day with him and that will be enough? Well, not really.. although most men don’t care much but some love presents! (you need to figure out that about your man)

To be on the safe side, you can always stick to the classics, 

1. An elegant knot – of course if he is the kind who into formal wear, he’ll always appreciate a fine tie.

2. A wallet – give it a special touch by printing out a picture of you together and putting it in there!

3. A watch or a shirt that goes with his personality/style

4. Or a fine piece of leather! – like a belt (really!)

5. A scent! – A perfume, is always a good option.. although you can also make your own special scent to make it more special.

Now moving on to some specifics..

1. A multipurpose presentSeriously, we ladies might never really figure out why.. but men crave anything with more than one purpose! Even if it is a screw driver with 20 functions – he’ll ADORE it! (and think you’re the coolest girl ever!)

2. A ticket for two for his favorite game!Just don’t over do it by trying to pretend, you know more about the game than you actually do. He actually won’t mind if you question him for something that doesn’t make sense to you. 

3. Knitted wear – If you know how to knit, a DIY sweater would be brilliant but if you don’t, you can always purchase one..

4. A DIY tablet cover – remember those days when lovers would do some special embroidery for their special someone on a handkerchief? This one’s similar except just in a modern way.. Do something special for his special tablet.

5. A little customized loveCustomized gifts are the best gifts, admit it. They are unique and so much more special! Get customized plectrum if he’s into playing guitar! or a mug that says something like, ” best boyfriend/husband”. Basically customized something.. or you can mix it up and give him a wallet with his name/initials engraved! (even an engraved lighter could be a good idea if he smokes) 

I hope that was helpful! Share your ideas/comments down in the comment box.

Take Care!

Dr. AM


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