World Cancer Day

Cancer is a deadly disease that kills millions every year! Billions of dollars are spent on research and trying to find cure for this terrible disease and yet there seems to be no way out. Since ages, cancer has been known to mankind,  the earliest evidence of cancer is found among fossilized bone tumors, human mummies in ancient Egypt, and ancient manuscripts. One of the oldest description of cancer dates back to 3000 BC in an Egyptian textbook of trauma and it is the description of a breast cancer. Although there are known to be 8 cases of “ulcer”  of breast which are said to have have no treatment.

You can read more about the history of cancer here.

And you can also download this information booklet on cancer background that UICC offers at their website, print it out or spread the word.

There are certain Myths about the disease that create problems for the patient and their families, and the purpose of World Cancer Day is to raise awareness and bust these myths!

Myth 1 : We don’t need to talk about Cancer – One of our family member is diagnosed with this cancer and so we should never let this out because then the world will think there is a defect in our family or it will create problems for that particular family member – WRONG!

Click here to know the truth.

Myth 2 : There are no signs and symptoms of cancer – Oh no! you’re so wrong.. there are so many symptoms of cancer – Check them out here.

Myth 3 : There is nothing I can do about cancer – You can, you totally can. Most cancers have treatments available at least for the first couple of stages. For more evidence Click here.

Myth 4: I don’t have the right to cancer care – Why would you even think so? No body on this face of earth deserves to go through this excruciating situation. If you still need proof read this!

For more information, please check the official website  for World Cancer Day and sign up for support!

You can also show support by tweeting #WorldCancerDay or  #debunkcancermyths on twitter or following  @UICC 
Also, don't forget to like World Cancer Day on Facebook.

Take Care!

Dr. AM


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