A Weird Confession

I don’t usually write about my private life but today I came across this prompt and I thought well.. why not? (just in case I ever get too uncomfortable with this, the post will almost definitely go down)

Every one has their first crush, and you’d be lying if you said your heart never lost control over someone. So did I and the funny part is, I’m actually having the HARDEST time of my life trying to remember it but that could also be because I never really had my “first crush” on a real person.

I think it was back when I was a newly turned teenager and I don’t think it was a crush it was more of something that set the standard for me. We had to read Sherlock Holmes for our English course that year and I was not even a little excited for it because I wasn’t particularly a fan of my teacher’s choices in books, may be because I didn’t really enjoy reading “Oliver Twist” or may be she was just terrible at making it fun for us.

With every page I turned, I just fell more and more for Sherlock Holmes. I loved EVERYTHING about him. In fact the only reason I ever wanted to visit London was because I was hopelessly in love with the character and I wanted to roam around in the streets described in the book. That was also the book that initiated my love for reading. For me, Sherlock was the definition of perfect. He was not expressive, straightforward, over dramatic and painfully smart – just as I like it. And the thing I loved most about him was the fact that no matter how inexpressive he was portrayed, he made a friend for life. Sometime’s I really wonder if it was my love for him that made me like him or was it the fact that I can relate to him to a great extent (especially his social life).

Till this day, Sherlock Holmes is the only character/fictional person, who can actually make my day and the fact that he’s not real really makes me sad. I know I might sound creepy and weird to people but well that’s who I am (and I had to be honest about my first crush!). I have special feelings for extremely intelligent people, most of them who are either fictional or dead (like Einstine).


So before this gets any weirder, I think I should sign off.

Hope you enjoyed reading this.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Take Care!

Dr. AM


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