Sweet and Single Valentines Day

Hello there everyone!

Yes, you read that right, the title actually says “sweet” and single valentines day.

I have shared my thoughts about valentines day gifts for both men & women, I thought it would be a good idea to share how my valentines day went too!

First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you readers!

I personally don’t think there is anything to be upset about being single on this day. Oh! I agree seeing all those people painfully in love with each other, standing on their heads to impress their loved ones makes one very conscious of how they really cannot participate but I guess it is rather the feeling of being left out that bothers than not having someone by your side.

Plus you can always spend this day with your friends and family, like I do! (or with Sherlock..) It’s not important that only a member of the opposite gender can be your valentine, it can be anyone you love! Valentine’s day is a day of love and you can even spend it with your bed if you need to, because you and I both know how much we all love our beds (LOL). I am not a very expressive person by nature and I can safely say I am not a fan of hugs and kisses either and I think this day is a very unfair day because especially if you’re in a relationship, people expect so much expression of love without realizing how hard it can be for some of us out there. The standards are set so high that they’re almost impossible to satisfy.

But other than any physical display of affection, I love to celebrate EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. I remember how I use to host birthday parties for my toys as a kid because well, I need a reason to get everyone together! (Now that I think of it, probably everyone in my building thought I was crazy)

For the last couple of years, I generally use to spend half my day with my family and the the rest with my best-friend, but because this year she’s away I just ended up spending the whole day with my family and to be honest, it did get a little too much.

We baked a cake and just sat around in our lounge watching movies. I know it sounds way too simple but I just love how every time my brother looked at me during an emotional scene of the movie to see if I was crying, so he could mock me. I believe that it is these little moments everyday, not just one day of the year that make love special. I did miss my best-friend A LOT because come on,  we all know how family time can get a little too much to handle sometimes.

Here is a picture of the cake :  I made it from a cake mix and yeah I know it doesn’t have any hearts or something on it but that’s how we all like it (except my sister, she’s the lovey dovey, pink princess kind of a person..which did put us into an argument)

If you don’t have anyone to spend this day with, you can always treat yourself! May be use this day to go to a spa or give yourself a spa at home kind of time… I also know of people who like to watch “anti valentines” movies but I think that’s just a way to provoke more feelings of loneliness, you should rather watch a romantic comedy and indulge in the character’s chemistry. But again, that’s my personal opinion. 

If you were single this year on valentine’s day, share your experiences down here.. 

Hope you had a great day.

Take Care!

Dr. AM


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