A way to Life..

Hello there everyone!

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t do prompts but after doing the first one on Valentine’s day about my first crushguess what? I think I will be doing prompts more often! (basically I liked the experience.. )

I love experiencing life and living it to the most. I’m not going to say I was a bad-ass in my teen years but considering  my geographical location, I had one hell of a time! And to be very honest, I learnt this from my parents. My parents are probably the most exciting and wise people I ever came across in my life. They are just so full of life that even till this age not only do they make the loveliest couple but one extremely adventurous pair. Although they aren’t very spontaneous but I assume they lack a quick decision making ability just to balance out the rest of the energy they have. *lol*

And I want to preserve, multiply and pass on this energy that I got from my parents to who ever comes after me. In my opinion the fact that I now have the key to life is way more than any amount of bank balance or materialistic property and there could be nothing better.

A few years ago, when I was in a rut I remember my father took me out on a long drive because I was in a terrible mood. After a couple of hours of absolute silence in the car I asked him, ” Do you believe in fate? “  – which then lead us to the following conversation:

Dad: ” Yes I do ” 
Me: ” so basically you believe, if something good is to happen it will and vice versa? ” 
Dad : ” Yes “
Me: ” Then why do we even try? “
Dad: ” Because if you try enough it can change what is suppose to be.. Hope is a very strong thing! even a little spark can light a fire bright enough to show you a way through the darkest night. The key is you don’t give up on yourself. Life is a series of ups and downs, you can’t lock yourself up in a room just because you know you’re going to die! That’s exactly why you cannot stop trying to aim for what you want in life just because there are competitors or things can go wrong. Always remember – money and problems come and go, they always have and they always will – time on the other hand is something that doesn’t come back when once lost, so if at any point in life, you feel like things are terrible or you’re broke and you want to just lock the world out, then just remind yourself one thing – All that time you’re going to waste on being sad, you might as well get out there and make yourself or someone else happy. If you can do none, just travel.” 

This conversation was only one of the many that I had with my father in times of distress or happiness and I chose to make it my way of life. These are such beautiful words that no other worldly legacy can compete these. The only thing I wish for is that I am able to live a life good  enough to set an example for everyone I know because after all, nothing is as precious as a key to the way of life.

Hope you enjoyed reading this.

Take Care!

Dr. AM


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