It’s Purple Day Today!

Purple day on 26th March is a symbol for Epilepsy Awareness Campaigns. I don’t usually start campaigns but I did want to play my part in raising awareness for every possible disease/disorder or syndrome as a student of science.

What is Epilepsy? 

It is a condition that affects the brain and causes repeated seizures, also known as fits. Seizures are the most common symptoms of epilepsy and they can vary from person to person. It can happen due to many reasons some may be  due to known brain damage (symptomatic), due to a possible brain damage, where you can find other symptoms of brain damage too but can’t really locate the are damaged (cryptogenic – hidden) or idiopathic – when there seem’s to be no problem at all but still the patient is experiencing epilepsy. 

Can Epilepsy be cured? 

Unfortunately, no. But there are now excellent medications available to manage and control epilepsy a great deal!

Living with Epilepsy.. 

Life with epilepsy can be relatively normal when spent in conjunction with good and regular medication AND a healthy lifestyle. Exercise, balanced diet and no alcohol are a must for any human being to be in good health but for a patient with epilepsy they are particularly a key to normal life.

Advice will be available from your GP or support groups to help you adjust to life with epilepsy.

What should you do when you see someone having a seizure?

There are 2 main types of seizures, first are the typical kind that come to your head when the word seizure is said, the generalized tonic clonic grand mal seizure or convulsions:

The other are, Complex Partial:

If seizures last more than 5 minutes call an ambulance immediately!

Spread the word! Share the article, live healthier and safer.

Take Care!

Dr. AM


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