Dead Roses

Staring into the emptiness, Out of words,
Lost in darkness, Infinite dusk,
With each heavy breath, It gets more still,
My trembling hands and my heart’s nauseous thrill,
No it’s not peace or hope,
It’s the serenity of death,
Like the last moments of a soldier, When his life’s about to end,
There’s pain and regret, There’s sadness in veins,
There’s relief, There’s victory, There’s a soul trapped in chains,
Then he closes his eyes, And it all slows down,
Letting go, He takes a deep breath..
They talk about him everywhere, He let’s go of the people but he’s always there,
For every night I swear, I try to let go,
To let go of the fears,
The fears of death and the fear of life,
He knows what He’s doing, I tell myself God’s there,
I take a deep breath, But it’s nothing like it,
I’m fighting a war, It’s loud and crazy,
I close my eyes, And it’s all a bit hazy,
It’s noisy in my head, But it all fades out,
Then I see your face and that’s all i’m about,
It was a moment like this, Where I am stuck,
Come find me tonight, For I am out of luck,
I walk around the city, Lost in that haze,
I keep following that dream, It’s a tedious chase,
I’ve inked a thousand pages, I’ve dried a dozen pens,
Not a word have I found, To make amends,
I am tired and it breaks my heart,
If there was a way that I could say it all,
I penned it down, But the words disappeared,
They cried so much, They got washed away,
Last night I heard them screaming for help,
I opened my journal, And they plead & begged,
So I set them free, they flew away,
You sadden joy when you lock it down, joy said to me as she ran away,
Why do you want me there, i only cause distress, Cried misery as she slowly walked away,
The pages are empty, The memories are gone,
Just noise and voices in my dreams that haunt,
Screaming and howling, Looking for answers,
Who do I belong to, Why won’t you answer,
I’m lost in your dream, It’s dark and cold,
Tell me who I am, Do you not have a soul?!
I fell to my knees, Broke down to tears,
For I still remember your voice, After all these years,
I’m empty and the words are lost,
But there’s you and the pain that lasts,
I look into your eyes, And i see so much love,
Oh but how it it breaks my heart to know for me there’s none,
And darling tonight, All I can think of is to rip open my chest and scream at the stars,
And to cry so hard that the earth falls apart..


© All Rights Reserved


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