Get to know me..

Wanderlust is a tale of a 22-year-old Muslim medical student (Alhamdullilah!), travelling through the woods of fear, the desert of hardships, the ocean of success and the roads of happiness.

A girl standing in the midst of life surrounded by an aura of dreams and desires and how she gets through the highs and lows of this roller coaster ride.

A poetess, who loves writing, painting, reading, traveling and almost everything that makes her feel alive. A coffee lover who also appreciates the variety of tastes this world offers.

“It’s a journey of wandering desires, to discover an existence. “


So why Blog?

In today’s world with an increasing availability of a variety of social networking websites and messengers, ironically it is almost impossible to stay in touch with each person we know. Some people prefer Facebook, some prefer Twitter whereas some prefer not being there on a social networking website altogether. Blog, or well let’s say a webpage is the best way to be there for everyone! Another reason, for me to come up with the idea of blogging was because, I am a very old-fashioned person. I prefer letter writing over a Facebook messages, telegrams over tweets, phone calls over Instant messages, although I do have profiles on the latest social networking websites (as I am a people’s’ person) but that isn’t my fist preference therefore I decided to bring it all together here in one place to save my time and well, make new contacts.

What will I blog about?

EVERYTHING! – Yes, Everything.

I love reading! So I’ll be sharing whatever I think is worth sharing.

I love talking! So I’ll be sharing whatever runs through my mind.

I’ll be sharing any travel experiences, my opinions, science news, medical news, any tips and ideas about anything I think people out there would need – so yes, EVERYTHING!

 How often do I plan to Blog?

Well, my answer to that would be, “Any time I get time or find out about an interesting fact I like to share.”

I am not a person who knows what I’ll be doing next, so saying I’ll blog every weekend or twice a week would be absolutely wrong. Although I do plan to commit to “AT LEAST” 1 post a week. But you never know, there could be more!! 

Want to know painfully more about me? Here are 99 facts about me! – LOL


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