About Tea-licious!

Hey There Everyone!

So here is something I’m going to do this year…  “MAKE TEA!” 

A lot of it!

I know you must be confused because generally a coffee person isn’t a tea person or vice versa but here’s the thing I am in love with how the taste of tea makes my taste buds feel.

My Tea Story:

It was not until 4 years ago when I tried my first cup of tea (and strongly disliked it) although I’ve been making black tea, black tea with milk and black tea brewed in milk since almost a forever now (I think I made my first cup of tea when I was 9 years old) because from where I come from people have tea ALL the time (LITERALLY). So I use to make tea for who ever wanted to have it, but I wouldn’t have it myself. Then one day we were out of coffee and I had an exam the next morning, therefore I ended up having tea for the very first time just to get that 3% of caffeine to somehow get through the night. And until almost the June of 2013 the only reason I would ever have tea would be because coffee was unavailable but then my coffee addiction started hurting me so I had to quit coffee or at least reduce it to get rid of palpitations and insomnia. I decided the safest way to push coffee to an “occasional beverage” was to replace it with tea, because then I won’t have to suffer those terrifying and excruciating migraines/headache of caffeine withdrawal.  And guess what? – IT WORKED! (initially) but then I started having like 5-6 cups of tea per day (I guess my body was trying to get all the amount of caffeine that coffee provides from tea) and Uh-OH! The palpitations returned. I have now successful reduced my craving down to 1 cup of tea/day but damn! it was a hell of a task! 

*A round of applause to all those who recover from stronger drug addictions!*

About Tea-licious:

A week ago, when I was having my morning tea I had this idea to try green tea, so that evening I went to my kitchen picked out a teabag of green tea with lemon and made my self a delicious and healthy cup of green tea. As days passed, everyday I’d experiment with a new ingredient and the tea would not only get yummier but also healthier! And then today morning I had another idea (well I wouldn’t want to call this one crazy as I’m very excited about this), that I should try ALL the kinds of teas out there and there, I came up with the idea of TEA-LICIOUS! 

Tea-licious is basically a journey of a newbie on a whole new path of tea world, exploring and enjoying warm, delicious cups of tea. I wouldn’t say I’m turning into a “Tea Person” because I still love coffee. All sort of coffee. Coffee is LOVE. It’s just that, I want to experience something new!

So What’s the Plan?

It’s simple, I’ll try new teas every now and then and  we can have a wonderful time over tea, may be talk about how good it smells or how healthy it is? Oh! I could also tell you how to make it so you can sit back and enjoy a delicious cup at your home. 

So see you over at the next cup of tea! 

Writing is a job, a talent, but it’s also the place to go in your head. It is the imaginary friend you drink your tea with in the afternoon.

― Ann Patchett, Truth and Beauty

Dr. AM


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